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Ian Gilligan helps high powered individuals & companies unlock their impact, realize bold dreams, & then dream bigger.

Ian Gilligan

High Impact Coaching for Startups & Entrepreneurs:


Extinguish Burnout ~ Boost Productivity ~ Build Culture

In 60 Days your team will be inspired, empowered and supercharged. Ian brings your organization the highest leveraged Breath and Mindset training in an easy to apply approach. Unchecked stress leads to burnout and overwhelm in even the most talented individuals and groups. Enter Entre-Endurance.


What you can expect: A decrease in base-line stress levels, expedited recovery from setbacks, a team that communicates with clarity & compassion, increased focus, and productivity. 


Schedule a free consultation by emailing us at Ian(at)IanGilligan.co

What is Ian Gilligan Coaching?


Ian leads powerful 1-on-1 and group coaching sessions. Each one is unique and they all uncover the monumental ways in which your internal & external dialogue shapes outcomes in your life and company (mental state, relationships, sales, company culture, etc.) 


Know & leverage your mind's or company's "Operating System" - the language & stories that set your limits & create your successes. 

Who is StoryWork for?

High powered individuals looking to unlock their impact. Ian has coached people with trauma, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, depression, indecision, etc. get unstuck & on track towards their ideal future. Women & men of all ages benefit alike.


Company's with a big & bold vision looking to create more sales & a high performance culture.

How does Ian offer his services?

The full benefits of Ian's coaching can be conveniently experienced through remote video sessions. He also offers custom-built live trainings.


Coming Soon...

Customer  Testimonials 

Participants of Ian's Coaching

I was drawn to Ian’s breathwork classes because I love his yoga and kettlebell classes. Ian is an excellent guide and instructor. He is very grounded in his approach and thoughtful in his process. He communicates very clearly and calmly, and creates a safe, nurturing space for his students to go deep. I have had profound experiences doing breathwork with Ian, ranging from emotional breakthroughs, pain relief, feeling more focused, calm, energized, along with releasing tension and getting ‘unstuck’. In combination with journaling, these experiences are very healing. I have been in classes with Ian where I’ve witnessed others opening as well. I will be continuing to go to Ian’s breathwork sessions!

Deanna M.


This was incredible and so intense. The breathing pattern helped me bypass my thoughts, and I was able to focus on the breathwork. The squeezing of muscles while holding the breath was different than any other breathing sessions I’ve had. Immediately after I felt so much vibration and energy, especially on my chest, face and hands. It was positively buzzing!! I’m really looking forward to my next session!!

Esther D.


I am new to breathwork, and wasn't sure what it was going to be like. I was hesitant at first, but with Ian's guidance I was able to relax and breathe deeply. With the combination of the music, his vibe, and the people around me, I had a very emotional and healing experience that I am not normally able to access easily. I have since gone back to Ian's breathwork and had a positive experience. Thank you Ian! I can't wait to join your breathwork session again.

Brook L.


It was much more powerful than I had expected. It was truly an emotionally powered experience, but yet healing. I have severe anxiety, and it allowed me to have a sense of quiet and connection with self- which followed me even after the session. Much gratitude Ian.

Sierra G.

Personal Trainer

It is an absolutely soul satisfying experience which I think every individual must experience. Breath work takes your mind into a different zone altogether and energizes . It’s benefit in fitness is also something that can be explored

Anu R.


Ian is well versed in multiple styles of breath work. He creates a fantastic experience within breath work sessions by incorporating music, concise cueing, and language development work. He teaches the breathing patterns well and the session leads to a great physical, mental, and emotional experience that brings relaxation and clarity.

Dylan L.

CrossFit Athlete & Coach

I took Ian’s breathwork workshop and learned so much more than I expected. He showed me different breathing techniques and explained to me the benefits that come with them. I think it’s very beneficial knowledge considering we’re always breathing. During the workshop he took me through a breathing exercise and left both my mind and body feeling so calm. Definitely recommend!

Margarita R.

Personal Trainer

Ian is a gifted healer. After I explained some issues I was facing in my life, he selected a writing exercise which helped me to clarify the kind of transformation I was seeking and then selected a breathwork modality that blew my mind. I’d previously understood that breathwork could be very powerful but I had no idea what working one-on-one with a skilled practicioner could do for me. It was focused on my needs and extremely deep, cathartic work. Because of the intensity of the work, I could not have done it on my own and felt very safe and guided throughout the incredibly helpful experience. In just a couple of hours of work feel more resolved about the things that had been weighing on me than I have in the last four months. And, to be clear, I’d been actively working on my healing and just hadn’t found anything nearly so effective.

Marian H.

Food Bank Operator

I was lucky enough to participate in Ian’s online breathwork class and man, it was cool! Ian walks you through breathwork techniques to improve your overall physical and mental well being. I started doing one of the techniques every morning as I figured I had nothing to lose and I’ve been sleeping better ever since. My energy levels are higher because I’m sleeping better, so I am really starting to see positive impacts all around. Worth taking the time to work with Ian as you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. He’s a great listener and teacher, and is an open book for questions.

Lauren S.

SEC Reporting Lead

I found Ian by word of mouth which is still the best recommendation that I can give anyone. He's top notch and knows the science of breath work and demonstrates his prowess in a session. Keep on breathing.

Jamie S.

Life Coach

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